DJHServicesDJ Hunter, Social Media Manager, or atticuscc04 on Twitter, is the CEO of DJHServices, a Social Media Management Co. in Waco, TX.

DJ loves using his gifts and talents to serve and bless others. His Mentors have poured much wisdom into his life about Entrepreneurship at his young age. He has played competitive tennis for 12 years, worked in Corporate Business Marketing, toured the U.S.A playing guitar in a metal band, bought one of his dreams cars, has an Associates Degree from TSTC in Digital Media Design, and has had the opportunity to do all this while building his own Businesses. DJ enjoys learning new things and connecting with others.

He loves helping individuals and businesses with their online marketing using social media tools. As a student himself studying social media for the past 7 years, DJ is fascinated with the technology that connects like-minded people and interests around the world. He strives to keep abreast of current thoughts and trends. His mission is to bridge the gap for those that are apprehensive or overwhelmed. DJ’s approach to Social Media Management makes social marketing manageable, affordable, and effective for his clients.