Game Talk #2

As some of you may know I’m a huge gamer. Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the PC are my weapons of choice. I recently started streaming on twitch and have found it to be a cool way to meet other gamers. Here is a short vid of me and a friend playing some #NBA2K14. It goes something like this….

“Down 13 – 19. We come back to win 23 – 21. My boy HateOnMePlzzz and I make a crazy comeback. I honestly gave up till we started making some stops. The third person that we were playing with obviously couldn’t hit any shots to save his life. We’re always looking for good people to play with in the park, so hit us up on Xbox Live. You can catch me always sporting the Celtics swag.”
If you would like to play Titanfall, Forza 5, NBA 2K14, or Ryse Son of Rome add me on Xbox Live: HkmHrns05

Sorry that there are no game sounds. #NBA2K14 doesn’t export sound from the Xbox Upload app due to music licensing restrictions, so I added some YouTube tunes.


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