Sports Talk #3

40 – 0. Finished Business. National Champions. Whatever you would like to call it, Baylor has done it again in the sports arena. First it was the Heisman Trophy Winner RG3. Now the Baylor Lady Bears have done something that no other NCAA team has done before. Gone 40 – 0. Also, Baylor Sports as a whole has done something that very few or no other NCAA teams have done which is win 80 games or more between different sports. Women’s Basketball, Men’s Basketball, and Football.

Being a Texas Longhorn Fan, and Living in Waco, I have always been at the forefront of the Baylor Bears jokes when it comes to their sports teams. For the past (who knows how long), the sports teams at Baylor have been………….well less than average. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Baylor (since I do live in Waco and all), but it was fairly easy to bash them when the Longhorns and pretty much every other team in the Big 12 were rock solid winners. I am so proud (like many others from Waco), at what Baylor has done this past year for the City of Waco and their Sports Teams. No longer will you say, “oh Baylor” or “oh Waco”. We can hang our heads high and proudly say, I live in Waco, TX! Home of the Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and the 40 – 0 National Champion Lady Bears.

Waco is turning into something more than just a Water Tower Town. As a matter of fact, whatever everyone here is drinking (especially the sports teams) we better all keep drinking it. Waco Water hydrates winners ^_^

Hook’em Horns!!! Errrr I mean Sic’em Bears!!! 


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