Sports Talk #2

I thought I would write a quick post about something that I get asked quite often….”How did I become such a big Boston Sports Fan living deep in the heart of Texas.”

Well to be honest I have a very simple answer. The first ever major sporting event that I watched on T.V. was the Boston Red Sox vs the New York Yankess to advance to the World series. I remember watching and instantly becoming a Red Sox fan (because they won duh). Ever since that moment I’ve never been for a single Texas Team (except for the Texas Longhorns, “Hook’em Horns”)….I will only root for the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, and the New England Patriots. Yes, I get a lot of flack living in Texas and for always rooting for a East Coast team, but what can you do. I can usually be seen wearing a Red Sox hat, Celtics Shirt, Boston hardcore band tee, or just anything Boston related. My dream is to go to Boston and see Fenway Park. Yes, I’ve never been to Boston, but that doesn’t mean I can’t root for them right? I eat, breathe, sleep, and dream Boston Sports. I guess it also helps that all these teams have been very successful in bringing home championships….unlike some Texas teams “cough cough.” Win or lose I am always a Boston Fan. No bandwagon or only if they’re winning mentality here. I will stand by my teams through thick or thin!

There ya have it! The explanation of how I became a “Boston Texan.”


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